Fashioned 4 Greatness is...

Have you ever wondered what the power of an outfit can do for you? As a fashion stylist, I believe that when you look good your feel good, and when you feel good that’s when you strive for the very best. Giving back to my community through my love for fashion has always been on the forefront of my mind. So when then opportunity arose I was excited share my vision.

Fashioned 4 Greatness, an annually event, was designed to equip ready professionals who desired to rise to the next level. Utilizing the necessary tools for job readiness while decreasing unemployment rate one State at a time by dressing for success. As a young professional in the customer service industry I have seen some of the worst dress and some of the best dressed for interviews.

When it comes to presentation in a professional setting, you must understand that your look speaks before you do. When you look your best that is when confidence also arises, then if your feel prepared with the tools for the job then you have a far better chance of obtaining the position. As a stylist, I wanted Fashioned 4 Greatness to address not just fashion but every part that goes into being postured for greatness in the job market. The event held mock interviews, make up tutorials, hair tutorials, barber services, and donated 100s of clothing to partnered non-profit organizations as well as community members.


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