Get To Know Fashion Mr. 


It all started when...

I would watch my very fashionable grandmother would put together amazing outfits for herself and the family because she believed in looking her very best.  Understanding the art of fashion from my grandmother's perspective developed my passion for fashion. I love that fashion is an expression of ones individuality. I became a stylist because I wanted to help my clients realize that their outer beauty should reflect their inner beauty. I have had the honor and privilege to share this lifestyle with so many clients from all lifestyles, the soccer mom to the red carpet.

      Before going after any goals, seeking God before every major decision in my life and career was crucial to my success. So after some much needed prayer and guidance, Fashion Mr. came into fruition. I established Fashion Mr., in the hopes that many of those who were unable to properly style themselves for events or even everyday wear could utilize my assistance. I wanted to create an affordable company that would allow those to experience wonderful service all while feeling comfortable and beautiful in their look.