First Time Jitters...

Wow! What an awesome ride of entrepreneurship! I am so excited to have my very first fashion blog post. It has taken a lot to get here. If I told you have of what I've been through on this journey you would question why I am still standing. I have a simple answer for you...God! I could not have done this with out Him leading me. I have always been amazed by bloggers and how they construct their post and I even studied on some of my favorites but it made me think no one would want to hear what I have to say about fashion or me in general. I had to realize the reason there are millions of blogs out there is because they all have their own individual spin on things. If everyone was the same things would be so boring. So here we are Fashion Mr. Styles blog. Its going to take me time to get used to saying that. Now I will be very organic when it comes to this blog, however I do not tolerate negative behavior so all positive vibes here. I am so excited to fill you guys in on the life of being an entrepreneur and wardrobe stylist. So please subscribe to my website for updates and upcoming events. Oh and today is my Business Anniversary! Stay tuned for the next blog.


Much Love,

Fashion Mr. Styles

Jeramiah Roberts