Whipped into SHAPE (F4G)

I am excited to announce today that I have begun a wellness journey! In working on expanding Fashioned 4 Greatness I came to realize, with the help of my dad, that wellness can be a great component to add to Fashioned 4 Greatness. Weight is a touchy subject, it can be a very emotional topic. For me I know my weight has been up and down since 5th grade when I broke out from an allergic reaction and was on steroids for a while. Although, I love myself, I am always striving to become a better person as a whole. Part of that means, being health conscious. Now just for now but for the future. I want to be able to be like my granddad who is pushing 88 and still working out in the yard mowing grass and fixing up the house. I've decided to take on a 90 day body transformation with a dear friend of mine and CEO of Resilient Results, Whitney Amey. Whitney and I used to work together, and she decided to chase her dreams of becoming a fitness/wellness lifestyle coach. She has an amazing and affordable program that she tailors to your specific needs.

I called Whitney one day and told her I wanted a change. Her words exactly were, "lets do it love". Her motivation to see her clients succeed is bar none. Although I am very excited, I know this journey wont be easy. I am willing to make the sacrifices to achieve overall health goals. Although my 90 days will not be up by the time I leave on my Jamaica and Haiti trip in December, its definitely one of my motivations of taking this journey to wellness. I want to walk around shirtless with a coconut drink. I will be posting and blogging about the good, the bad, and the ugly. So you do not want to miss this! At the next Fashioned 4 Greatness event, Whitney will be giving fitness tips for work, consultations, and meal plan ideas to help you get to your best YOU! Please follow my trainer @resilientresults as we take on this journey.

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