Sundaze Proper Reflection

Sunday morning I woke up for church super early of course because it was day light savings. Gaining that hour is like a gift every year. I really appreciate those extra few minutes of sleep. This year I forgot to set my bed side alarm, so I woke up to a loud alarm. I was unable to go back to sleep, so I used my extra hour of sleep figuring out what I would wear to church. 

Growing up, my father would ask me over and over to pull my clothes out  the night before. It wasn't that I was rebellious,  it was just hard for me to pick out what I will wear before knew how I felt for the day.  The night before I may feel one outfit, then when I wake up, its a totally different feeling.  This particular Sunday, I woke up feeling powerful so I decided to wear a suit. I think part of that feeling came from the online shopping I did just before bed on for some windowpane tailored suits. Nonetheless, I found one of my favorite suits covered by another suit that I haven't worn in a while. My most favorite suits in my wardrobe is a navy body slim Calvin Klein suit I happily purchased 3 years ago. This suit is special to me because of the deal I got, it was an online exclusive return, and just MY SIZE!  This suit was an online for $700 and I purchased for $130! I smile every time I think about it!

When I ran across this particular suit, I pulled it out and instantly knew what shirt and tie combo I wanted to do. I felt like a dapper look would be great for a first Sunday at church, so I pulled a crisp white fitted Express dress shirt,  underneath a orange and blue silk knit tie from Club Monaco. I wanted to throw a pattern in with my navy and white chevron print Tommy Hilfiger pocket square, complimented by a orange lapel pin from Harrison Blake Apparel, to keep my tie from flying around I added a gold tie bar in the shape of a fish hook by J. Crew, and finally to compete the look my classic tassel loafers in burgundy Cole Haan. I really felt confident and powerful in this navy suit and it fit like a glove! I felt strong, powerful, and ready to conquer the day in this look! What does your outfit reflect about you today? 

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